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Accreditation provides your industry with quality standards, and promotes consistency in services from one organization to another. OurAccreditation can help you manage your process.

You will control the degree of involvement with the OurAccreditation software, it is completely up to you. You will decide how you want to try out OurAccreditation system to see how well it can support your accreditation process – and your decision today will not lock you into a long term relationship if you decide changes are needed.

Full access to OurAccreditation system will enable you to customize your standards and unique processes and reporting requirements. You will be able to do things such as:

Question Inventory

Set up, maintain, and use unique questions and standards for different reporting requirements including letter of intent, eligibility, annual or bi-annual reports, self-study, non-substantive and substantive changes.

On-Line Help

Maintain on-line help features that are question or standard specific to aid end users in the development and assessment of specific responses.

Quality Control

Control how questions can be answered to minimize receiving accreditation applications and reports that are incomplete or unanswered.

Monitor Progress

Track, at all times, the progress of pending applications or reports via online queries and dashboard reporting.

User Roles

Manage roles and responsibilities of users and user groups.


Establish automatic and upon demand system reminders to users, ensuring deliverables are completed on time.


Monitor and enable on-line collaboration between different user groups during the development of responses to questions and standards, as well as assessors to review applications and reports to promote timeliness and consistency of the assessment process.