Free Assessment Offer

Not sure if Our Accreditation system is the direction your organization wants to go in? Is your process as efficient as it could be? Is the program self-sustaining from a revenue perspective? How can you drive, and accommodate, growth in the number of accreditation applications you process each year? Are there easy steps you can take to maximize your capacity, improve client services, reduce costs or minimize pain points in your accreditation assessment process?

FMS is offering, for a limited time, a free no obligation assessment of your accreditation processes to determine if there are opportunities to enhance the administration of your accreditation process. This free assessment (valued at $2,500) can be provided at no cost to you and with minimal effort on the part of you and your staff.

Your Goals

Our assessment team will meet with you to discuss, at a high level, your goals in conducting this assessment and review your accreditation process at a high level

Process Review

Our assessment team will review your application receipt and review processes, system infrastructure and content and interview key staff and/or volunteers involved in the process.

Customized Recommendations

Our assessment team will develop and present a final report of our findings and recommended opportunities for process and system enhancements; with estimates for cost savings and throughput time improvements.

To request this free, no obligation assessment, please contact us:

Standard Software Subscriptions

Unlike may accreditation software systems, you can use OurAccreditation software via an annual subscription. This subscription avoids the costs associated with a fully customized accreditation application system and provides many of the standard functionality that would be needed to help you with your accreditation processing. In keeping with our efforts to provide ultimate flexibility to you, we have developed the following subscription offerings:

User Subscriptions

This basic level allows you to fill out online forms to an organization for letters of intent, eligibility, annual or bi-annual reports, self-study, status changes, etc.

If the accreditation commission has a subscription, your submission will is saved within OurAccreditation system.

If the accreditation commission does not accept online submissions, your information is produced as a PDF that can then be mailed or emailed to your accreditation commission.

Accreditation Commissions (Basic)

This level of subscription allows an accreditation commission to receive online submissions by organizations seeking to obtain or maintain accreditation. The commission has the ability to access all submissions and their attachments.

Accreditation Commissions (Mid-Level)

With this enhanced subscription level, an accreditation commission has complete control to all submissions and their associated attachments, the ability to access, maintain, and update the inventory of questions associated with your letters of intent, eligibility, annual or bi-annual reports, self-study, as well as non-substantive and substantive changes request templates. In addition, you can create new member organizations, respond to on-line help requests, control templated email text and reminder notices, as well as update the determination decision related to an organization’s submitted application all within the OurAccreditation system.

Accreditation Commissions (Full)

This level of subscription is offered to a regional or national accreditation commission, and provides you with the ability to access any submissions, and all attachments, made within the system by an organization seeking to obtain or maintain accreditation by the commission.

User Training

For those who opt for one of our standard subscription packages, we offer a variety of training options to fit with your organization and budget. These include access to pre-recorded training sessions, live Webinars, as well as client on-site trainings. The options are your to select from and can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Process Administration

If your team doesn’t want to manage the site, we can help you.


For organizations applying or maintaining their accreditation standing with an accreditation commission, our administrative services cover the activities required to obtain and maintain access to the system, coordinate the assignment of questions to users, maintain your organizational profile, and provide technical support to your users on how to input their responses.

Accreditation Commission

Our administrative services include maintaining end users and organizations, the inventory of questions, establishing templates for letters of intent, eligibility, annual or bi-annual reports, self-study, non-substantive and substantive changes, and distribution of these templates as required.

Technical Support

There are two different levels of technical support offerings. The first includes a complete system hosting option associated with the fully customized version of Our Accreditation software system. The second is an end-user help desk support service designed to address user questions associated with using the OurAccreditation system. This second technical support option is available to users of either the fully customized or standard subscription version of the OurAccreditation solution.

Fully Customized OurAccreditation System

For those accreditation commissions who need more than what is offered via our standard subscription services, OurAccreditation system can be completely customized to fit your particular circumstances and requirements. This ultimate service will provide you with the more classical on-line application that is typically available to accreditation commissions. For more information on this level of service, please contact us.